Shipment Management

Calculate delivery charge automatically. Easy for admin tasks without calculating by yourself and showing tracking number. No worry for wrong tracking number because it is supported by barcode scanner compatible with Thailand’s logistics and notifies customer via SMS Alert.

With experience in web development, eCommerce has launched more than 600 websites. Our team deeply understands a process of orderly back-office 

of eCommerce stores. So, we design xCommerce with features matching with Thailand’s eCommerces as much as possible especially transaction and delivery.

xCommerce can be confirmed to cooperate with your business smoothly. Every feature is guaranteed by actual sellers to be able to run well along with them. 

Can manage your store in few steps. 

Drop-off Service Accessibility

Get rid of tracking number problem with Thai post for stores with too many orders needed to paste postal stickers on every box. Many problems occur like pasting wrong tracking number eventually affecting delivery. xCommerce can help you by linking to API with Drop-off service with Thai post. All tracking number tags will be pasted on every box automatically. No need to worry about wrong delivery anymore with faster and better packaging.

Supported by Kerry Easy Ship

COD service is on rise in Thailand in every year because it is convenient for those disliking transferring payment. So, COD is widely popular. The problem about COD is that payment must be checked whether it has been transacted that spend a lot of time because all different purchase orders must be checked. So, xCommerce link to Kerry Easy Ship making all paid amount on the Kerry system known.

Automatic delivery charge calculator

For store with different calculation of delivery charge such as weight-based charge or quantity-based charge or one complete delivery charge like on xCommerce, we can prepare those features for you, your admin just create order from the system and receive set calculation automatically that is convenient with low rate of mistake caused by wrong input from an admin.

แจ้งหมายเลข Tracking ให้กับลูกค้าผ่าน SMS, Email

สะดวกขึ้นไปอีกเมื่อท่านไม่ต้องคอยมาหาหมายเลข Tracking ให้กับลูกค้าในกรณีที่ลูกค้าทักเข้ามาสอบถามว่าหมายเลข Tracking ของเค้าคืออะไร เพราะว่า xCommerce จะส่งหมายเลข Tracking ไปยังเบอร์มือถือและอีเมลล์ที่ได้ระบุไว้ใน Order เท่านั้นยังไม่พอเรายังมีลิงค์พิเศษเอาไว้ส่งให้กับลูกค้าเพื่อเอาไว้ค้นหาเลข Tracking ด้วยตนเอง เพียงแค่ใส่หมายเลขคำสั่งซื้อ, ชื่อ, เบอร์โทร เพียงแต่อย่างใดอย่างหนึ่ง แค่นี้ลูกค้าก็จะสามารถเห็นเลข Tracking ของตัวเองโดยที่ไม่ต้องมาคอยสอบถามที่ Admin

Print address tags in various patterns

Another problem for popular sellers – if no printing system for documents like address tag, receipt, or tax invoice, it is definitely a bid headache for your store. xCommerce understand this problem and can provide this sort of documents – more than 10 types supporting sellers to handle with document tasks quickly.

Can import tracking number into the system

Fore store with tracking number monitoring, our system can help sellers import tracking number via excel file to update the accurate databased on xCommerce. Our system is considered flexible that can sellers manage the store freely.

Delivery via xCommerce at special price

xCommerce supports various logistics providers – Thai post, Kerry Express, Alpha, DHL or other services at special price. Just use xCommerce to manage printing and packing purchase orders within on system.

Top up your online wallet with a simple step

With few clicks to reduce complex steps of delivery and pay cheaper charge for delivery – cost saving and increasing profit for your business.
Few steps within few clicks:

  1. Enter my account
  2. Select “Wallet”
  3. Choose “Top up” as desired.
  4. Choose type of payment transaction.
  5. Confirm purchase order.
That’s it. You can pay cheaper and faster delivery charge.

Print address tags in various styles

xCommerce can help sellers select different types of address tags in a form of A4 or tag sticker. And, you don’t have to be worried about writing down address to avoid wrong delivery. Our system can implement these features for you for convenient and less time-consuming during packaging.

SMS Customer Alter

Let your customers be impressed by SMS alter notifying tracking number automatically. No longer have to answer the question about tracking number because xCommerce send this info to tel number and email written in orders. Even more, we can find tracking no. by typing any of purchase order number, name, telephone number – no need to wait for admin’s reply anymore.