Implement purchase order

xCommerce can work well with seller and can sync orders from various platform into central one point. Besides purchase order management, it can print out documents from the system – Print Pack Ship on one screen!

With experience in web development, eCommerce has launched more than 600 websites. Our team deeply understands a process of orderly back-office 

of eCommerce stores. So, we design xCommerce with features matching with Thailand’s eCommerces as much as possible especially transaction and delivery.

xCommerce can be confirmed to cooperate with your business smoothly. Every feature is guaranteed by actual sellers to be able to run well along with them. 

Can manage your store in few steps.

Collect purchase orders from various platforms

All orders from various xCommerce platforms can be traced in one screen allowing sellers to manage those without log-in into various platforms. Easy and time-saving for sellers.

Classify purchase order status for sellers in Thailand

xCommerce is designed for sellers in Thailand that can classify purchase order status letting sellers know order status and work with it conveniently. No longer work in outdated system anymore.

Classify payment and delivery status

xCommerce can classify status of payment and mode of delivery. On order screen, the rows represent orders paid in whichever platforms of payment as well as delivery service providers. It is convenient for sellers to make multi-deliveries.

Cash on delivery (COD) purchase order

xCommerce is designed for sellers to ensure cash on delivery. As COD order is processed in different methods from others. Sellers must ship out a product before receiving payment.

Add purchase order from social networks

xCommerce cannot only show orders from eCommerce Platform Marketplace. System can to key manual for ordering from social network based orders with notification of order status.

Print out documents from the system

xCommerce has various documents for sellers to work on such as quotation, recipient’s address, and receipt that can be processed and printed out by sellers in the system.

Commerce Platform 

xCommerce can be connected to commerce platform such as Lazada, Shopee, WooCommerce, Magento, or Social Network such as Facebook, Line, Instagram, etc. by collecting purchase orders from those into one point making sellers manage the orders on one screen.

Key-in orders by sellers

xCommerce is a tool for admin team that can products online and can receive purchase orders from social network. Simply key-in without few steps with clear notification of purchase orders.

Sync Order Auto

xCommerce can sync orders automatically. Once there is purchase order, it can sync from various platform in synchronization where all orders are collected on one completed screen. You can manage purchase orders by Print-Pack-Ship in the system. Selling more and more products can be more convenient and faster.

Inspect payment on the system

xCommerce helps you know paid/unpaid purchase order by classifying into 2 statuses of payment. The system can support cash on delivery (COD). You can check COD payment in the system as well.

Decide Delivery Mode 

xCommerce has different modes of delivery and automatically calculate transport charge as well as sync tracking number from Thai post. No worry for wrong tracking number because it is compatible with barcode scanner accessible to all Thailand’s delivery service providers.

Inspect payment on the system

xCommerce helps you know paid/unpaid purchase order by classifying into 2 statuses of payment. The system can support cash on delivery (COD). You can check COD payment in the system as well.

Print out multi-patterned paper stickers

xCommerce can help sellers select various forms of recipient document in A4 size or sticker forms. You do not have to write address anymore avoiding delivery mistake. Our system provides numerous forms for you to choose for the sake of convenience and less time consumption during packaging.

Delivery via xCommerce at special price

xCommerce supports various logistics providers – Thai post, Kerry Express, Alpha, DHL or other services at special price. Just use xCommerce to manage printing and packing purchase orders within on system.

Packaging service accessibility

xCommerce can help store reduce product stock and delivery with accessibility to the leading Fulfillment system – Sokochan providing warehouse and delivery. When customers use xCommerce system, their order can directly be accessed to Sokochan conveniently, fast and accurately.

Online Billing Compatibility

xCommerce can be a helper for payment transfer and receiving in organized manner. Just type details of purchase order or tracking number – share this info with your customers by clicking while stay online. It also inform payment amount within few steps. You do not have to follow orders anymore.

Compatible with multi-format documents

With compatibility with various types of document “liked by many online sellers” such as receipt, quotation, delivery notice, packaging preparation sheet, etc. helping you save your time creating documents because this system alone can create and print out documents. 

SMS Customer Alter

Let your customers be impressed by SMS alter notifying tracking number automatically. No longer have to answer the question about tracking number because xCommerce send this info to tel number and email written in orders. Even more, we can find tracking no. by typing any of purchase order number, name, telephone number – no need to wait for admin’s reply anymore.