Connecting other systems

Importing data from purchase orders on marketplace or leading e-Commerce platforms like Lazada, Shopee or Magento on xCommerce system automatically can organize purchase order list easily and flawlessly and manage every step of purchase orders like in a same way how it is completely done on marketplace or e-Commerce platforms.

With experience in web development, eCommerce has launched more than 600 websites. Our team deeply understands a process of orderly back-office 

of eCommerce stores. So, we design xCommerce with features matching with Thailand’s eCommerces as much as possible especially transaction and delivery.

xCommerce can be confirmed to cooperate with your business smoothly. Every feature is guaranteed by actual sellers to be able to run well along with them. 

Can manage your store in few steps. 

Purchase order – Customer connection with Thailand’s leading marketplace

xCommerce connects purchase order – customer with Thailand’s leading marketplace such as lazada and Shopee and can manage those purchase orders like done on these marketplaces. It makes customers receive items conveniently and quickly.

Connect purchase order – customer on eCommerce Platform

Besides marketplace, eCommerce Platform is considered as 1 platform for increasing profit for sellers online. xCommerce can connect data of purchase orders and customer to manage purchase orders and manage online stock accurately and systematically.

Fulfillment system connection

Any customer facing stock management problem, xCommerce can connect with leading Fulfillment system – Sokochan to offer inventory and delivery service. Customers can login xCeommerce and send out purchase order to Sokochan conveniently, fast, and accurately.

Thailand’s leading logistics synchronization

To increase convenience and accuracy for delivery data management, our xCommerce is designed to connect data with other logistics system. For example, Drop-off service of Thai Post or Easy Ship of Kerry Express to reduce mistake and help customers know a tracking number immediately after synchronization.

Well-known Start Up account system

Only one that cannot be missed for running business of eCommerce is accounting system. xCommerce can manage and support data printout for accounting including package enterprise that can be connected to API and Start Up accounting system in Thailand. Any customers interested, contact the team for more info.

ERP, CRM software connection

For full-fledged eCommerce businesses with old software system like ERP, CRM, you can still be connected to xCommerce to transfer data for smooth run between old and new version. Any customers interested, contact the team for more info.

Commerce Platform

xCommerce can be connected to commerce platform such as Lazada, Shopee, WooCommerce, Magento, or Social Network such as Facebook, Line, Instagram, etc. by collecting purchase orders from those into one point making sellers manage the orders on one screen.

Sync Order Auto

xCommerce can sync orders automatically. Once there is purchase order, it can sync from various platform in synchronization where all orders are collected on one completed screen. You can manage purchase orders by Print-Pack-Ship in the system. Selling more and more products can be more convenient and faster.

Packaging service accessibility

xCommerce can help store reduce product stock and delivery with accessibility to the leading Fulfillment system – Sokochan providing warehouse and delivery. When customers use xCommerce system, their order can directly be accessed to Sokochan conveniently, fast and accurately.